unknown devices and net flow questions...

We recently purchased A few modules from Solarwinds, Network Perf Mon, Network Traffic Analyzer. It's up and running and I am still grinding through the setup to get it working cleanly.

A couple of issues:

I have a few devices, mostly windows servers, that repeatedly show up as Unknown Devices. I went in and tried to set the credentials asWindows Servers: WMI and ICMP but for some odd reason, those systems will not accept the (Known working) credentials to log in.

There is no firewall in the way, other like servers allow the WMI polling method. Test fails on local as well as domain creds. At a loss on this one.


We purchased the NTA without researching our switches due to my own naiveté. We have a Cisco 3560 as our core and it does not support Netflow. I am getting pricing for like switches that support Netflow, but I am curious as to whether or not there is an optional solution aside from a switch purchase?