How to create join in Database Manager?

Hi All,

I'm trying to become a "power" user, and do a fancy SQL query, but it's not working for me.  I can't find a discussion about doing a basic join.

In English pseudocode, I'm trying to:

select IfName as Interface from Interfaces

select IPAddress as 'IP Address' from NodeIPAddresses

where the InterfaceIndex.Interfaces = InterfaceIndex.NodeIPAddresses


select Caption from NodesData

where the NodeID.NodeIPAddresses =  NodeID.NodesData

So, I can get a query that looks like:

Interface          IPAddress          Caption

Gi3/6                      MyRouterA

Po1                        MySwitchB

So, I'm trying to write a query which will selct the interface name from Interfaces, the IP Address from Node IP Addresses, and the Caption from NodesData.

I can manage A select statement, but don't know how to do the joins.

SELECT IfName as Name, InterfaceAlias as Description, NodeID, InterfaceID, InterfaceIndex FROM [dbo].[Interfaces]