How can I upload bluecoat MIB file into Orion

I am unable to monitor CPU and Memory of my Bluecoat proxySG device. I have MIB file from Bluecoat but I do not know how can I import it into Solarwinds Orion. Please advise.

  • Hi, first you need to compile the MIB to solarwinds engineer. After the compilation, they will provide you the compiled MIB including the instruction on where do you install this.

  • shardikr, you can RDP to SolarWinds server and create a Universal Device Poller.  You specify the OID/ GET vs GET Next/ keep history/ don't keep history.  From there you can also make it available to be added to selected views.

    You can do this whether or not you share the BlueCoat MIB with SolarWinds engineers.  I suspect you will want to monitor these MIBs long before they are natively supported.  If I'm not mistaken, by sharing the MIB with SolarWinds, you could benefit by searching for the MIB name (letters) vs manually entering numerical OID when creating your Universal Device Poller.  From what I understand, that's all you really gain in the short term if SolarWinds support does something with the MIB you supply them.

    Anyone know if that has changed or is inaccurate?