Can Solarwinds monitor multiple vdc's on a Cisco Nexus 7000?

Is there a way I can poll all my vdc's on a Cisco Nexus 7000?

  • If you are asking if you can poll the N7K and have NPM display the VDCs as modules/components of the N7K, the answer is no (at least not to my knowledge). However, you can treat each VDC as an individual switch and monitor them independently.


  • ‌how do I go about monitoring them individually? Would each vdc require a management address? Normally we log into primary then just switch vdc to access others. Thanks

  • Each VDC is a virtual switch and should be treated independently (my opinion). Think about it like this...why are you creating a VDC? A VDC is used to help eliminate the need for additional physical switches. And why do we use different switches? To create broadcast domains or routing borders, and segregate the data center (or campus core). With that understanding, if you installed separate switches, you would configure a management network (VRF) and configure/monitor each switch appropriately. So, my thought is, just because we can now virtualize a switch doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to follow networking best practices.

    The Nexus data centers I've configured have multiple VDCs: Core, Data Center, WAN/Remote Access, and Perimeter. And each VDC is Layer3 connected to the Core. The Core is a Layer3 traffic cop for the enterprise, and the others are aggregations points for those services.


  • I'd echo deverts response - each VDC should have a different address and be accessed (and polled by NPM) that way - it's how we manage them. It's especially true of the N7Ks, as they are usually "core" units using "switch vdc" leaves you very open to a bad case of fat finger syndrome....



  • Another question related to this. I'm currently monitoring VDCs as separate devices in NPM. We don't use the default VDC for networking currently. Is there anything that wouldn't be monitored on the physical switch if I don't monitor the default VDC?