NPM Polling problems

Hi I am wondering if someone can provide me with some pointers on how to troubleshoot some polling problems I am having.

My Configuration

NPM 9.1 SP5

Three Pollers on VM's with the Web Console on one the VM's with the Poller

# of Elements

Poller with Web Console - 4556

Poller 2 - 1704

Poller 3 - 4637

Additional Information---

Network Elements10897 Elements
Nodes1438 Nodes
Interfaces9292 Interfaces
Volumes167 Volumes
Alerts11 Alerts
Events16808 Events
Pollers21062 Pollers
Polling Engines3 Polling Engines
Last Database Archive01-May-09 02:15 AM
Next Scheduled Database Archive02-May-09 02:15 AM
Database Archive Time02:15 AM
Retain Detail Stats14 Days
Retain Hourly Stats30 Days
Retain Daily Stats365 Days
Retain Events14 Days

SQL Server -- Dedicated Server - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.3042.00 (X64)

Database size info-

total Space usage - 112 gigabytes

Data Space usage - 42.3 gigabytes

Index Space usage - 1.0 gigabytes

Free Space Available - 68.2 gigabytes

Database volume is on a SANS


looking at the graphs for interfaces-- I am seeing gaps-- The sampling rate is currently set to the default of 10 minutes. If I look at the the Polling Engines Stats there are times when the polling engines appear to be down --- i.e the polling engine "icon" is red.

The problem I having is whether this is a database problem or a network problem or something else.  I have used the "polling tuner" to size the poll rates and I still see occasional problems. Today has been especially been a problem

Any help would greatly be appreciated...

  • Hi charpham,

    I have experienced it before and perform the ff test

    1. Check if the polling engine is with the same version with the primary server

        start > progam files > solarwind orion > advanced features > monitor polling engine

        if not. download the new version on the customer portal and apply it to all polling engine

    2. Check if all services on each polling engine is running. If one service is in stopped mode then you can see the polling engine in red on your monitor polling engine

        start > program files > solarwinds orion > advanced features > Orion service manager).

         i.e syslog services. do take note that in NPM 9.1 SP5 Alert manager by default is stopped in all polling engine except on your primary server or web server

    3. Restart the polling engine 

    4. Review polling completion percentage ( )

    1. Log on to the Orion server.
    2. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Database Utilities > Database Manager.
    3. Expand your Orion database in the left navigation tree, and then click Engines.
    4. Click Table > Query Table in the menu bar.
    5. Type Select PollingCompletion from Engines in the Query window, and then click Refresh.

    5. Try to stopped and restart the solarwind network performance monitor and solarwind syslog services on Monitor Polling Engines. It will take some time before it goes to running state because of synchronization with the database


    Hope it will help