Need Feature Request Area

I know this has been said in earlier posts by several people..but if the SW Orion people want to hear from their customers then it would be a good idea for them to have another forum to take feature requests.

I know I have sent them several requests that would be great to have :

1. PDF support for printing reports
2. NT Authentication support (I see this is available in 6.4...anyone got it to work?)
3. Response time abilty to monitor any point A to point B communication
4. Integrate the Toolsets into the web site (IE have the ability to do real-time bandwidth monitor from the site without having to use Systems Manager)
5. Ability to manage Orion thru the web site...again..not having to log into the server locally or use TS to add/change/delete items
6. Better Cisco CatOS support for port names; currently uses ifdescr which does not show the actual port description in the switch; needs to use ifPortName if its CatOS