Clear Active Alert from Notifications

Since we installed our Juniper core routers we've been receiving alerts for Available Disk Space less then 20%. We've checked this out and it isn't an issue, but I cannot figure out how to stop these alerts from triggering. We receive 10 emails (5 for each router) every day at the same time (well except I somehow moved one alert to a different time).

Last week I tried going into the specific alert for Available Disk Space and excluding the nodes by name... that backfired as I somehow doubled the number of emails received. I don't want to turn the alert all the way off as it does keep an eye on our SQL server. I also tried acknowledging an alert and also deleting one, but they all came back. One of those ways is how I moved the time the one alarms, probably when I deleted.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for stopping these alerts from emailing? I was also wondering if it could be the Juniper platform itself since these are the only Junipers on the network. The triggering object looks very Juniperish: ...mounted on: /packages/mnt/jkernel-ppc-14.1R4.10 is one example. The path is slightly different on the other errors.