Format of Interface throughput

is there any way to see an interface values as

KB / Second or MB / Second

and not this format?

In Bits Per Second: 1.704963E+07

Out Bits Per Second: 6.982416E+07

  • Where is this showing up?Any supporting screenshots would be appreciated.

  • I have created an alert that checks a particular Network node, If the Node has an interface (NIC) that exceedss the threshold set then the trigger condition is an email and it looks like this:


    SOME fluff stufff... yada yada yada...

    Alert: Device, ${NodeName}   is    ${Status}.
     IP Address:  5.###.###.5

    %  IN utilized: ${InPercentUtil}
    % OUT utilized: ${OutPercentUtil}

    In Bits Per Second:  ${Inbps}
    Out Bits Per Second:  ${Outbps}

    Click here for Details: ${InterfaceDetailsURL}

    Click here for Netflow Data:



    1) Between 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. CDT,, the Network Administrator Group will handle.

    2) Outside of hours posted above, wait 20 minutes to see if the Wan Utilization returns to normal.

    3) If outside of business hours and WAN Utilization does not return to normal or if users call in with complaints contact the On-Call Network Administrator.

  • Hi John ,

    This thread gives the sql query for converting inmbps to mbps.

    Anyways here is the conversion.

    ${SQL:Select round((Inbps / 1024 / 1024),3) from interfaces WHERE FullName='${FullName}'} MBps${CrLf}

  • Thank you. I should have thought of that.. i guess i just get to used to using the basic Orion functions..

    Thank you.. it works perfectly..



  • Great that you were able to get this working!!!