Adding one or more photographs to NPM node views?

If we had a photograph of every network room or node and could display it easily in NPM's view for a node we would have better information when remotely troubleshooting an issue.

A photograph associated to nodes or network rooms would simplify:

  • Coaching a technician via telephone to:
    • View the right hardware in a rack
    • Plug/unplug the right network connection in a node
    • Reboot the right node in a rack
  • Prioritizing network rooms for patch management / clean up
  • Understanding available space in a rack or a room
  • Remembering power outlet limitations
  • Analyzing UPS status

Have any of you found an easy way to automatically associate a photograph with a Node and insert it into NPM's view of that Node?

I'm guessing that answer is "no".

How about have you found an easy way to add a photograph to node's view?

If so, how?

Swift packets to those who have helpful experiences and advice!

As for the rest of you . . . aw, OK, swift packets for you & your customers, too.   ;^)

Rick Schroeder

  • I think I know how to do that, let me give t a try today and I will let you know.

  • Could you create a group with all the Nodes that will be in the Photo, and then create a map with the image. There is a way that you can then associate an individual map to the group summary page by naming the map the same as the group name.

  • I would sugest creating a website where you store the photos . The name or link to each photo should include the N:xxxx of the device as in Solarwinds.

    Then for each device you can add a custom HTML similar to this :

    Display an embedded Web page in Orion - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

    Now you just need to figure out how to automaticly do it for each node.

  • I see where you're going here; I don't think it's the solution for my need.  I want one photograph per node, one node per page.  For example:

    • I'll click on any node in NPM and its page will open
    • In that page I'd like to see a single photograph of the node displayed (or a photo of the entire network rack in which the node is located).

    I'd be open to seeing an option for having cascading photos or hotlinks to them available.  Sometimes we take pictures of an entire network room, then closeups of the front, sides, and rear of a node, followed by full-rack pictures (front, side, & rear), and finish with photographs of the floor around & behind the rack and also of the walls near the rack if they show power outlets & connections.

    For this task I'm only seeking the ability to show one picture--probably the full-frame front of rack view, which will enable me to tell a local user in that room where the node in question is located.  I'd likely make a screen shot of that image and then mark the node in red for the remote helper's reference.

  • Embed an HTML widget with an <img> link of the device in the Node details view, coded to specially select the image based on Node details name using encoded URL query string parameters.

    I can see it, but can't do it. Hey, like Steve Jobs. The smart people can do it for sure though.


  • I like the idea.  The implementation appears to be onerous. 

    But I like the idea, and can see how it would work--once the implementation and associations have been made!  That's the "automatic" part I'm hoping to learn.  If SWQL or another tool could automatically look up the Node ID from information already on the page, and then reference an index of node photographs, and finally display the right picture in the node's details page, we'd have a winner.

    I'm still looking for that section between "Idea" and "Successful Implementation."  Tell me more about Step Two, please?


  • I've done it in the past.  Client was an MSP who took photos of each of the locations they supported to document where the physical assets were in the building.  We created a directory inside inetpub/solarwinds/orion/images/ and loaded all their images into it.  Renamed the image files themselves with a naming convention that was basically <siteid>01.jpg through 10.jpg, created a new tab on the node details that just held 10 "custom html" widgets with contents like <img src="/orion/images/${siteid}01.jpg"> and that worked to get each node ready to display any images we had for the site.  In the case that rschroeder has where you would want a 1 to 1 relationship then you would probably want to use the ${nodeid} variable and yes, it will be a chore to rename each image file based on the nodeid, but I can't think of any solution where there wouldn't have to be some kind of manual data entry process to correlate each image.  What information do you currently have that keeps track of all these images to begin with?

  • I like it!

    Our current image naming has no convention.  But it will going forward if we are to adopt this idea.  Referencing images of several hundred network rooms and their nodes will be an initial challenge, but we have unique region, site, network room, and node names.  They'll be our go-to for the new directory inside inetpub/solarwinds/orion/images/.

    mesverrum​ for the win!

  • Here you go.

    On your main Orion server go here and create a directory called HardwareImages


    In that directory, Save all the images as the NodeID.jpg

    Create an HTML resource and add this code:



    <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

    <title>Solarwinds Custom HTML Frame</title>



    <a href="http://YOURORIONSERVERNAMEHERE/hardwareimages/${NodeID}.jpg" target=_blank>Image for Node ID ${NodeID}</a>



    That will create a box that looks like this:


    Click on the text and it will open your image in a new tab:

    And that's what my driveway looks like on this fine day...

  • Oooooo!   THAT'S PURTY!

    I've got to give that a try--slightly different than mesverrum​'s solution.

    I LIKE it!