Isilon to Solarwind

Hi all i have one question... I had isilon storage server and is that possible that i point the SNMP Target as Solarwind and Solarwind can help me send any email or notification to me when an alert is trigger?

The reason i doing this is because when i add custom poller for Isilon, Solarwind will prompt me The OID is not supported. I not really sure whether this issue is SOlarwind or Isilon side problem. Can anyone help me the clarify this? I try to use get, get next and get table but still can't retrieve any result of this.But one thing for sure is Isilon does have this features such as alert me when motherboard failure and etc however due to security issue my Isilon can't go through internet but only SNMP port so that's why i hope that is that possible Isilon pass the info to solarwind and solarwind help me to send out????

One more thing is at Solarwind i can poll for Cluster and Node but when i choose oneFSss, isilonTraps and oneFStraps it will prompt me OID not supported. Would it be SOlarwind issue or Isilon Issue? How can i solve it???

Thanks in advance, looking forward for you guys answers....

  • Old thread but here goes:

    You don't need to create a Solarwinds Custom Poller to see traps from an Isilon cluster. Just add the cluster nodes to Solarwinds then log into OneFS -

    Dashboard->Events->Cluster Events->Event Notification Rules-> Add Notification Rule

    and choose traps, set your solarwinds poller IP and a community string. That's all.

    Syslog is under another OneFS menu but just as simple...