Customize the remote mangement icons

I would like the ability customize the web, telnet and remote desktop icons in the web interface. Lets say I have a terminal server for a bank of switches that I use for remote access instead of allowing direct vty access. I would want the icon to telnet to the terminal server on a specific port. Or let's say I use ILO or DRAC and want the web icon to go to that URL instead of the IP of the server.

  • You can somewhat accomplish this now by modifying the source code of integration icons. Keeping in mind that 1) it's not supported and 2) changes to this file will affect the integration icons for all nodes. The file you're looking to modify is \Orion\NetPerfMon\Controls\IntegrationIcons.ascx in the case of your first example for a specific telnet port.

    Another option would be to use the "Custom HTML or Text" resource especially for your second example since they're at different IP addresses.