A alert was triggered on a event that never happened....

    Question... has anyone ever had any node trigger an alert saying something has rebooted and it really hasn't? Note the time in the message and also the time and date in the "Time Of Event" It told me this morning that the router rebooted on 3/17 @ 18:26. But it triggered the alert this morning. The information is not accurate, I removed a unmanged switch between the Juniper router and our Modem. I never power cycled the router or anything. I did preform this on the 16th around 6:30pm. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with a router or any other node.

I will say that this Juniper SRX100 is a heaping pill of s***. We are looking to getting a replacement so I wouldn't necessarily say its NPM being the problem. It could be caused by the router, anyway just looking for some opinion. 


Thanks again!

Travis Jones