Orion Server Backup Questions

So we had our homegrown network monitoring server die with it's backups being saved to itself...

Anyway, we have since implemented Orion and want to make sure the same thing that happened to our other server doesn't happen to our Orion server. My question is, which folders do we need to backup on the Orion/Polling server? Do we need to have any backups created for it, or could we get by with just backing up the Orion DB which is on a physically separate SQL server.

Can anyone share their method in backing up the Orion/Polling server and the Orion DB or any experiences with a DR situation where your server crashed and you had to restore it?


  • There's more I could say regarding clustering of the database etc, but I'll base my advice on the absolute bare minimum install for now.

    If you deployed NPM 11.x, then there isn't really anything outside the database too back up. All reports are stored in the database, and everything else has always lived in the DB (talking vanilla NPM here). However best practice is to backup all servers in your SolarWinds environment, as you would with any application.

    If you have a version without web reports, then you'll need to backup the Reports folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports by default) to ensure you keep your reports. I'd just backup the entire SolarWinds folder to be absolutely sure.

    You'll also need to take a note of anything you've done to the default web site (branding images, custom text settings under settings>web console settings) as if you have to reinstall you'll have to re-apply these (assuming you use the default website on the primary poller, and not an additional web engine, as if you have an additional web engine you'll need to duplicate the settings there, also).

    With regards to the DB, leave it in simple recovery mode and run full backups as often as your built in paranoia demands emoticons_wink.png

  • Good advice silverbacksays, but if I may ask a clarifying question....

    As you mentioned, the one thing that is difficult to "backup" are the customizations you have made to the Orion website. However, are there any files and folders in the inetpub directory that one could make a simple copy of in order to avoid having to find or re-build them completely from scratch?

  • Cenrtainly borgan‌, ask away emoticons_cool.png

    Unless you're heavily into web development and change the site itself, the default structure of the website and it's content will stay the same. Very light customisation is available in the web console settings, such as changing text which is displayed on the login screen, and specifying a custom logo to show in the banner. Both of which are easy to backup.

    If you have done more than this to your website, such as customising the colours of built in banners etc, then you'll need to do as you suggested: backup the website itself.

  • Hi,

    It's only necessary do a backup of reports, and in SQL Server it's necessary do a backup of database.


    Rodrigo Almeida.