Custom SWQL VM Manager

This is just a simple SWQL query that I use to manage and view all of the virtual machines living in our vmWare vCenter environment.

I am able to quickly, and easily, search by server/vm name, IP address, hostname, whether it is being monitored or not, and if it is powered on or off.

The attached rar file includes various vendor/os icons, as well as a "SWQL_CustomQuery_VM_ViewManager.swql" file.

Simply open this file in notepad, or another text editor, copy it, and paste it into a "Custom Query" resource.

Copy lines 1-50, and paste them into the first box, "Custom SWQL Query", after you click the edit button on the "Custom Query" resource.

To enable the search features, you will need to make sure to click the "enable search" button, and then copy the entire query, and paste it into the 'Search SWQL Query" box.

There were a few vendor/os icons that I have included in the attached file, as I did not find all of the default icons to my liking.

If you want to use the icons in the attachment, then you will need to extract them, and place them in the following location on your main web server.


If you do not want to use the icons, you will need to adjust the SWQL query, and remove/redirect the lines that point to those icon locations.(change bold/italicized part to match the icon you want it to show, or entirely remove the lines that have a bold/italicized part.)

'/NetPerfMon/images/Vendors/' +


  WHEN VM.GuestName LIKE '%Red Hat Enterprise%' THEN '2312'

  WHEN VM.GuestName LIKE '%suse%' THEN '16_suse'

  WHEN VM.GuestName LIKE '%centos%' THEN '16_centos'

  WHEN VM.GuestName LIKE '%ubuntu%' THEN '16_ubuntu'

  WHEN VM.GuestName LIKE 'Other% Linux%' THEN '2021'

  WHEN VM.GuestName LIKE '%Microsoft Windows 7%' THEN '16_windows7'

  WHEN VM.GuestName LIKE '%Microsoft Windows Server%' THEN '16_windows_generic'

  ELSE '0'

  END +

+ '.gif' AS [_IconFor_OS],

When it is all said and done, you should have a basic little search/sort tool to keep an eye on your virtual machines.


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