What We're Working on for NPM (Updated: July 16, 2021)


The latest release of Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is available on solarwinds.com and in your customer portal. We hope you're enjoying the features of our current NPM 2020.2 release! 2020.2 delivered Microsoft Azure cloud monitoring, usability improvements for MIBs database management, Device View improvements, and a host of performance boosts. 


With the release of 2020.2.6, it's time to resume work on new features for the next release. Here are just a few items we have in the works for you: 

  • SD-WAN vEdge Visibility - native device support for the most popular SD-WAN vendors. 
  • Intelligent Mapping - improved automation of topology discovery to power Orion Maps. 
  • Orion Maps - Feature enhancements & performance improvements. 
  • Improved Interface Status - applied enhanced node status to interfaces. 

Learn more about the Orion Platform improvements here: The Orion Platform. 


You ask, we listen. Many of the top features developed for NPM are generated through your participation in user sessions and your votes in the Feature Requests forum. Thank you for your valuable feedback. 


  • McDonald’s Menu Prices UK – McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain of hamburgers founded in 1940.

  • McDonald’s Menu Prices UK – McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain of hamburgers founded in 1940.

  • That will be a BIG disappointment, at a time that SW could be on the chopping block in our environment. Currently, I'm having a lot of issues with incorrect discovery of "intelligent" discovery, which makes the maps we're building useless, or at least confusing for users. The lack of IPSLA support then makes us go back to Network Atlas to create other mapping. This is duplicative, and leading us to consider developing our own tool. SW could be on it's last legs if this next update isn't significant.

  • Is there any chance we will see an update here soon?

  • So what is going on SolarWinds?  We are almost at a year without any update to either the Product Roadmap here, or the product itself...  July 16th will be a year, which is crazy.  Can we get any kind of update from SolarWinds as to how soon we can expect something?  I know SolarWinds never gives specifics, but just some kind assurance that something is coming soon would be nice...