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NCM Baseline In Bulk

The current version of NCM has a baseline snippet feature that requires a manual selection to apply baselines. The ability to work with the baseline feature and apply to nodes in bulk would be useful to customers that are working with lots of nodes.

  1. Add “Select All” button/link when in the apply/remove window to allow applying a baseline to multiple nodes to current listed results.  Maybe it can be added right next to the “Clear All” link.
  2. Create and apply a baseline to dynamic lists based on various criteria. Nodes added to NCM after the list is created and meet the criteria of the dynamic list will have baseline applied.
  3. Increase number of filter options to allow more flexibility. Currently filter options include Machine Type, Status, and Vendor. Other useful filter options would include location, version, and groups.
  4. When applying filters, filter options should reduce to only valid results. For example, if I have two vendors and select one. The Machine Type should only show models that relate to the previous selected filter option.

Discussion: Re: 7.9 Baseline in bulk

  • Agreed on all of these features.

  • Currently when assigning a baseline, I can only filter by 'Machine Type', 'Status', & 'Vendor' if I had the ability to filter based on custom properties. That would be perfect.

  • Without additional filters, it is solution is limited to the most basic configurations.  Not very useful for large enterprise environments.

  • This should absolutely be required. My organization home grew a tool years ago and yet this is one of the most often asked question. Someone might just not remember making an undocumented change.

    If there was a button we could run based on a daily, weekly, monthly criteria, that might be great. Essentially setting a config difference window that reveals itself in the widget. Then if I auto-baseline every week, I can get updated.

    I think of building a compliance template as a very very different thing. A compliance template seems like it would be looking for a very small subset of what is in the rest of the config. Ignoring the existence of anything BUT a small set of important lines should be how it figures out what is important. The concept of a baseline vs a compliance template should be different parts of the configuration management screen.