Open for Voting
over 1 year ago

NCM - Support for SSH Key ased authentication

We have had a few clients request that we use SSH Key based authentication against their devices and I didn't see an already existing Feature Request for this so here it is.

  • This isnt even brain surgery.  It is called good IT.  Passwords Bad.

  • We're moving to keys and the first thing I found was an post from 5 years ago (almost 1 month to the day), surely Solarwinds would have implemented this by now... and here I am.

  • "Status change to open for voting? " 

    Listen.  Seriously.  All y'all.  If your current idea is to continue to use password you are beggin' and I mean beggin' for something evil to com forth.

    Key and cert based auth are 2015.  Passwords are 1995.   and here it is 2020.  And solarwinds is still 1995 and asking you, the very smart people of the IT world, to vote on if you think your tech should be run 1995 style or not.

    Everytime I hear telnet, snmp v1,2, password, here or in any place, I cringe.  You know not how easy the right placed comprimise is....  be afraid.  

  • BTW, folks, if you are reading this and NOT upvoting it you are missing some pretty big security holes in your world.    Please upvote.

    The Product manager said he'd talk to me about this, but hasnt yet.  that was three months ago.