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over 2 years ago

Expand NCM physical entities support for other Juniper devices.

Here is a list of Juniper System OIDs that are found in my network, but are not supported in the Juniper Physical Entities inventory polling.

SystemOID Vendor MachineType Neoteris, Inc. Neoteris, Inc. Juniper Networks/NetScreen Netscreen ISG-2000 Juniper Networks/NetScreen Juniper SSG350 Neoteris, Inc. Neoteris, Inc. Juniper Networks/NetScreen Juniper Networks/NetScreen Juniper Networks/NetScreen Juniper SSG20
  • I looked into this Richard. Unfortunately the Juniper MIB for the Chassis serial number is something along the lines of "JUNIPER-MIB:jnxBoxSerialNo*". I've been trying to add this to the 14-EntityMibJuniper* file however I can't seem to figure out how to confirm/deny whether my change worked. I'm assuming it didn't though.

    Do you/anyone know how we can add this value to the MIB file so that it takes in NCM?

    Thank you! emoticons_happy.png

  • the inventory collection scripts are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\NCM\Inventory

    if the devices support JUNIPER-MIB:jnxContents*

    Then it should be just a matter of updating the 14-EntityMib... files to pull the required values.

    (sadly the inventory templates are not well documented)

  • jspanitz I also had a case open with Solarwinds with the same reply - not available, needs to be implemented.

  • dl-it-networkadmin This is something I've requested from Solarwinds in the past, mostly through direct communication with the PM.  Juniper supports managing the devices through Netconf.  Netconf (NETCONF - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) is an industry standard, however very few companies have embraced it.  Just wanted to let you know it's entirely possible to have NCM manage Juniper SSL VPN devices, we just need to convince SW there are enough of us who want this.

    For what is it worth, Juniper supports managing their switches, firewalls and routers using Netconf as well, so it would if implemented by SW, it would not be isolated to just SSL VPNs.

  • We have Juniper MAG4610. We are able to monitor through NPM but can not download the configuration