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over 1 year ago

FEATURE REQUEST - Search selected nodes when using dynamic selection in policies

We have almost 1k network devices in NCM.  I currently have separate policies for datacenter equipment vs non datacenter equipment as with some rules, I use automatic remediation.  However, we do not want to use automatic remediation for anything in the data centers.  So when using dynamic selection for my policies, I use multiple conditions to ensure I'm filtering out anything in the datacenter.  I always click 'View Selected Nodes' when I think I have my conditions correct to make sure I'm not accidentally picking up anything in the DC's.

However, I have to continually scroll and click 'Next 25' to get to where my data center equipment is.  It would be nice to have the common search field that most Orion pages have, to search for nodes so I can quickly confirm that I don't have any selected that I don't want to.