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Feature Request - Increase Timer between reboot and checking that the node is "Up" | NCM Firmware Upgrade Template

Within the NCM Firmware Upgrade template there is an option under "Reboot device after upgrade" to set the "Wait time between reboot and checking that the node is 'Up'". In my use case, this is great to use when I need the module to confirm that my devices are running the firmware I installed after a reboot. The problem is that the max wait time that can be set is 10,000 ms which is 10 sec. Many of the devices in my production space can take up to 30 minutes to reboot. If I have this timer set under the reboot option and use the NCM Firmware Upgrade module, the job will error out after some time. 

There are multiple ways this can be fixed but increasing the wait timer to something more reasonable than 10 sec appears to be the most efficient and simple. 

Case # - 00970659

  • I think there is a different timer you want to adjust. This timer is for how long it will wait before checking to see if the node is online again. Its not how long it will wait before it gives up on the node coming back online which is what you want to adjust.

  • Interesting. Where is that setting configured? I haven't seen an option to configure that in any of the templates

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