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over 1 year ago

DeviceType templates to include configuration change ignore rules

NCM includes script files that describe how to download configurations by deviceType (sysObjectID), however they do not include rules used to compare configurations.

Those are configured elsewhere in the system, and apply across all downloaded configurations, not by device type

this is really two changes in one:

     I'd like comparison rules to be attached to the download templates so they can be imported and handled in one blob.

     Comparison rules to be attached to the device type so specific rules for specific types of configuration files can be applied.

As an example our Fortigate configurations have encrypted passwords and keys that change every time the configuration is downloaded/viewed

I don't really care if these change from download to download, because they change every day (and at 18MB per backup that uses a lot of storage in the database)

  • Yes, looking for a solution to the comparison criteria rules not being able to ignore the Fortigate keys, due to NCM doing line by line comparison and Fortigate keys do not following a logical character sequence.