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over 1 year ago

Cisco ISE Monitoring

Since Cisco is sunsetting ACS, I'd love to see some monitoring features for Cisco ISE added. It would be nice to be able to download the config of the ISE appliance like I can with any switch, router, or firewall. I'd also love to see some sort of template to set up monitoring for ISE. I've been working with Cisco for some time now on a ticket to get my ISE appliances to recognize SolarWinds still to no avail. Some sort of template for making this happen would be helpful.

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  • is there a SAM template for ISE?

  • I don't see a template as of SAM 6.7.1.

    NPM discovers it as a basic Linux node via SNMPv3.

    There are minimal CLI startup-config and running-config files, but 99% of the configuration is in other files and databases. There is probably a way to get at the other files via the CLI, but I think Cisco feels it's antithetical to good security to allow easy access to them. Backup of ISE is essentially a backup of a Linux server, though there is an application data restore, too. It's not like a switch or router at all.