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Allow bulk download of config backups to common share drive.

Currently all config backups are saved within a solarwinds directory. People with no access to the solarwinds server cannot extract that data putting the burden on the administrator to extract the data and send it to the requestor. 

If there is could be a way where the backup are stored in a directory that's publicly available to internal teams that should have access this removed the burden off of the solarwinds admin and gives other teams access to files they normally would not have access too.

Or network guys brought up the idea. I looked it up and noticed how you can bulk download. But to a solarwinds directory. There was no documentation stating that you can tell solarwinds to bulk download to a drive in a different server for example. And there was no way to run a job that would take the file and place it in a different area. Again, all documents leading to this being a manual move that would need to be taken by the solarwinds admin.

Putting this up as an idea for consideration for NCM bulk config downloads.

  • I think this functionality already exists in the product - or at least in the "Jobs" you can run within NCM.

    I used to do this as part of the daily jobs.  Setup a new job of "Export Configs" type.

    Keep all nodes (second tab)

    Don't notify (third tab)

    Then just change the target location.  If you get an error like below...

    ...then the computer account for your Orion Server needs to have access granted to that share location.  You can choose to either grant global write permissions to this folder or (better in my opinion) grant write permissions to this folder ONLY to the Active Directory computer account of your Orion server (typically listed as ORIONSERVER$ in the Active Directory picker).