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A IOS register database and updater

I've got a challenge for solarwinds

This is sort like the end of life database but slightly different. could you create a IOS register for nodes that could show what ios is currently being used and be able to compare that with the latest IOS that is available to see if we are keeping up to date. Also could it be able to set a IOS version as the standard approved version for that model. Thirdly could it incorporate the ability to automate/push the updating of the IOS to the approved version so that for we can roll out updates to equipment in the field or build a new switch etc in a lab and have it compliant with the approved IOS. At the moment we manage the approved register of IOS's out of a spreadsheet and overtime you end up with a mix of IOS's floating around on equipment as new versions are released or equipment is replaced.

  • Yes, NCM 7.6 includes options to bulk review IOS version and bulk upgrade.  See: Firmware upgrades - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

    This is implemented in NCM and will not be built in NPM.

  • Looks like solarwinds have done something like this now in npm? maybe worth closing this idea? cobrien

  • For starters, could we do something to allow us to fill out this information for each model? (as opposed to filling it out for each node?)

    For instance, I have a custom node property (let's call it custom_model), set up with the "restrict values" option which has been set up for the switch model number (machine type pulled from SNMP just isn't right most of the time), something like "WS-C3750G-48TS-S" and "WS-C4500X-16". What I would like is to have another table that shows each one of the unique (restricted) values from custom_model and allow me to assign it an approved latest IOS firmware version. Maybe even provide a LastChecked date field, and quite possibly the ability to put a link to the download page.

    The reason I am looking to do it this way is I want to be able to compare what is currently running on the switch to what I have checked is currently available on Cisco's website. Yes I understand that getting that information directly from Cisco via an API or what have you isn't feasible, so maybe doing something as simple as manually filling out this information would be worth it. We have previously done this in an excel spreadsheet, but you can probably understand why it would be so much better to do this automatically using Orion.

  • Setting up the register database may well be the biggest challenge. While the firmware upgrade feature itself is something we can directly influence, having the IOS database means Cisco is willing to share it in a reasonable format. And although Cisco is one of our partners, we are competitors at the same time...

  • that's fair enough. though to start with could we look at setting up the register database first and then later on down the track look at the automation possibilities?