NCM for Meraki

Hello all. After a some searching I can see some older threads (5y) regarding Merkai integration to NCM. I've taken a look at the Meraki site and can see that a range of vendors provide this capability utilising the  Meraki API. This includes Solarwinds N-Able.

So the question is, are we going to see this made available for NCM any time soon or has anyone successfully put together a config management bolt on specifically for Meraki MX devices and SD-WAN?

Thanks for reading.

  • We should be able to backup the Edge devices today via normal CLI methods, but yes, we do have on our roadmap to support backup via API as well.

  • The thing is there is no "normal" vendor supplied CLI access to a Meraki kit. Only a 3rd party python CLI option or an API but we can't use the API as a connection credential which results in a huge task to run up a python host and install/configure the 3rd party CLI app, or otherwise a large amount of work to try to create an API driven template to perform the backups. And of course we can't monitor config changes, or config compliance etc.