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How to: Using a network share for NCM Config Archive

So this is a topic I have covered with customers on a semi-regular basis.  Can I use a network share to store my NCM configs?  The answer to that is yes but the way about it isn't exactly intuitive which is why I'm writing this post.  There are a couple of KBs that explain this but they don't really explain the order required so I'll lay this out step by step.

First a couple of reasons that you might want to use a network share. 

You want to save your configs to a location accessible to users (network team usually) so they can easily get the raw text files if needed for a bare metal restore. 

You use several APEs in NCM to conduct your backup.  By default without a network share each APE would store it's configs locally so going a shared route will ensure everything is in one location.  If doing this I do usually recommend a different folder for each APE just to avoid any potential overwrite of other configs.

Okay so you have decided a share is the way to go........Here is the how to

Step 1: Make sure you have a working share/credentials.  From Windows on the SolarWinds server I always recommend opening up explorer and testing access to the share before trying it in NCM.  If it doesn't work in Windows it will not work in NCM

Step 2  Provide NCM credentials for the share.  KB

Within settings you will go to NCM Settings --- Advanced Settings  

Click on the box that says use custom credentials to give NCM Write Access and it should open up with a prompt to enter creds (If for any reason you don't get the prompt for credentials click the box and then submit the page should give an error and the boxes will be there)

Enter your credentials and hit validate to ensure they pass.

     Special note only for LOCAL ACCOUNTS as I'm using in the example above you will also need to create that exact same user/pass on the Orion server.  If you are using Domain Credentials this       isn't required

Step 3:  Point your config archive to the share in question.  Within Settings you will go to NCM Settings -- Config Archive Folder Location

Enter your network share path (Be sure to use the proper format \\ServerName\ShareName) and validate that NCM can access.

Step 4: Kick off a device backup and then confirm the files were placed in the share

Step 5: Kick back and enjoy a job well done