Unable to backup the new cisco switches in our networks

Hello ,I am trying to back up the configs for the switches in our network. The nodes had been successfully pulled into the solarwinds server, But the configs from the switches are not getting backed up.

I have tried to raise this as a ticket with solarwinds, FOA our switches were not configured with any encryption algorithm and at that time whenever a network discovery was being run and a packet capture was running on the orion server it was getting an error that switch is not replying to the SSH packets algorithm which the solarwinds server is sending .

Can some one please help me with the configuration which i will need to do on the switches for them to be able to send the configurations to be backedup in the solarwinds server.

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  • I've been tasked by my IT director with developing a plan for when a switch fails at our two locations. Redundancy and HA aren't part of this plan. Instead, I've been asked to focus on replacing a failed switch with an identical appliance. We have three 3560G 48 port switches in one location and seven 3750Gs at our other location. We've purchased one of each as a backup. I understand the method of configuring the replacement switches in the event of a failure, but what I'm stuck on is developing a plan that presents the quickest most efficient, and clean process. We do have room in our rack at the location utilizing 3560G switches, but no room in the rack where the 3750s are housed.

    How have you planned for switch failure? What are the best practices?