NCM Config Download for Juniper

My core network is almost entirely Juniper.  For the purpose of backing up the Juniper configuration, I need NCM to backup using "show configuration | display set".  This is working fine.  However, when reading the configuration, it is preferred to use simply "show configuration".

Has anyone found a way to download both in one download batch?  I can run the command below from Juniper CLI and it works great.  I just have not been able to get it to work via the NCM device template for downloading configs.  I assumed that there was no way to run two separate templates for a device, so my thinking was to get both types of show configuration in one download.  This would essentially store two copies of the config in one file, and I am ok with that.

start shell command "cli -c 'show configuration | display set | no-more; show configuration | no-more'"

Thank you