EOX Reporting and Information

EOX End of Life Reporting –

Recently I was asked for the EOX (End of Life, End Of Sale, End of Software Support, End of Maintenance, etc.) information for my environment as a FED Audit point.  I thought easy, Orion has that information at part of NCM, just run the report. 

This is where the troubles and issues started.

I ran the report, looked at the report, as did my network architecture team.  Information was missing Cisco EOX information was missing for devices that had been announced as EOX (example Cisco Nexus 7K).

So that started the dig into what was going on. 

I have discovered the following.

  • There is a pre-complied database that is used to store the EOX information.
    • This database is only updated when a new version is installed. We are the current level 2020.2.6
      • This update should be a "hotfix" or a separate update like the MIB database. 
    • You can forget about other platforms, other then Cisco, for even the possibly of having EOX information.
    • Again you would think as Cisco is “fully” supported that you would good to go. Not true, this EOX is only for the Chassis, not for the cards within the chassis.  Such as Supervisor Cards or Line Cards (even though that information is in inventory).
  • Other platforms which are “fully” supported, do have their EOX in this all knowing pre-complied database.
  • You are able to enter any EOX and change information that you have found for other platforms but it a platform/version process.
    • This type information can not be imported.  Some sort of CSV file import would be great

This is yet another example of parts of Orion that are not being looked after, even though I am paying maintenance for the modules.
Think Network Topology Manager – That never worked well but I believed what was posted that is was going get better.  I stopped maintenance on the product a couple of years ago.

So my whole point to this rant (sorry for that) is  -

Has anyone found any work arounds or have any ideas for these issues?

I want to state, I think Orion is one of the best network management platforms out there.  I have been using Orion for almost 20 years now, with multiple companies.  Note – Within our environment, Orion manages over 2500+ devices , with 20+ Vendors

But as with anything, it can be better.

Thank You for your time in reading this and again any information or work arounds, would be of help.