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How to download running and startup config when commands are different?

Hi all,

I have a Netgear M4100-26G that we have added to NCM and i have a small issue in the fact that getting the running config you go into enable mode and then do show running-config.

for the startup configuration you do 'copy nvram:startup-config tftp://<server-ip>/filename.cfg'

I do see there is 2 config types. 1 for running config and 1 for startup config. and above those is there the download command which says something like 'show ${configtype}'

Could i in the 2 config types type 'show running-config' in the config type for the running config? and do 'copy nvram:startup-config' tftp://serverip/file.cfg?

My thinking is that i could just reference the variale ${configtype} in the download command field?

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  • Without more details, I can't help.  Is the TFTP server disabled or not running on the Orion server?  Can you manually TFTP from the device to the Orion Server?  If you can try to manually copy via TFTP from the device, are there any errors or messages that are being sent?

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