How to download running and startup config when commands are different?

Hi all,

I have a Netgear M4100-26G that we have added to NCM and i have a small issue in the fact that getting the running config you go into enable mode and then do show running-config.

for the startup configuration you do 'copy nvram:startup-config tftp://<server-ip>/filename.cfg'

I do see there is 2 config types. 1 for running config and 1 for startup config. and above those is there the download command which says something like 'show ${configtype}'

Could i in the 2 config types type 'show running-config' in the config type for the running config? and do 'copy nvram:startup-config' tftp://serverip/file.cfg?

My thinking is that i could just reference the variale ${configtype} in the download command field?

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