Juniper NCM - snippets?


I've expecting that comparing snippets will just look at a block of text - or each line at a time - to make sure the partial config item is the same on the comparing download and the previous version.

But if I put a config snippet which has lines 10-30 in the full config, the compare will run. But the line numbers are wrong. It will mark lines 1-9 as missing, 10-30 OK, and after 30 bad.

What I want compare to do is to ask "are these lines individually the same in the other text?" not what line it's in or if there's other stuff at the top which isn't included.



  • Hi 

    I will  drag the PM to the thread and maybe open support case.

    They sure make a mess from that simple compare feature..



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    The issue I'm having now, is the compare does work when I use the RegEx criteria. But my issue is if I use the "Apply global comparison criteria" and create/edit a regex, it applies to the whole config, not the snippet I'm using.

    So maybe I have a range of IP addresses on a config line, say "set interface ip address". I want to ignore lines IN MY SNIPPET which have 10.20.<anything> I make a regex that matches.

    And within the scope of the snippet, the line matches. But because the comparison is global, and not only on the snippet, it also matches any other line in the config with 10.20.<anything>. This makes lines in the config match items that are not in the snippet, so the comparison fails...even if it succeeded in the snippet's scope.

    So how can i make a "global" comparison only match lines in the snippet that match the config - not lines in the config that that matches the regex?



  • Who  is the new NCM PM ? anyone ?

    DeZ is not at SW