How to monitor Stack switches

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Since we add node in monitoring using IP and multiple stack switches use single IP of chassis.

Please let me know how can I monitor individual switches.

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  • If you are monitoring interfaces on the switch(es), you can monitor the stack ring interface and get alerts if one goes down.

  • Do a new discovery of your switches, but this time include the stack discovery options, and make sure you view has the Stack information included in its display.

    You'll receive information about the status of the stack ring, when it breaks, where it broke, as well as port and power information for every switch in the stack.

    The online manuals are you friends, here.  They'll tell you exactly how to do it.

    Also, you can search all past Thwack posts & questions for any phrase or keyword.  You'll find others have asked this question and received answers you may be able to apply to your unique situation.

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    That is "vendor proprietary technology" different from vendor 2 vendor..

    Control if the switch vendor has mib oid that monitor stack member status.

    Or control if there SNMP trap or syslog that announce status change in the stack..

  • Out of the box, Solarwinds only natively recognises Cisco stacks and when scanned in correctly they appear as a separate popout menu tab on the node details page....

    For non-Cisco, just ensure the relevant link ports are monitored.