F5 Dashboard

The F5 monitoring is quite detailed in the 2020 version of Solarwinds.  What is lacking, is a way to look at all the F5 data in the once place, and to search for vIPs, Pool members, and so on.

I have built such a dashboard.   I will update this page when I have time, to document how to build/install this dashboard for yourself.

The main screen is as follows, and has the following widgets:

  • F5s
  • Virtual Servers
  • Pools
  • Pool Members
  • (top) Concurrent Connections by Virtual Server
  • Active Alerts
  • (Solarwinds) F5 Audit Events
  • Last 5 Config Changes


The second page is more a work in progress.  On the left are all the virtual servers.  Clicking on the right will show the Netflow conversations data.


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