Learning NCM command scripts

Hi All.

Can anyone recommend a video or text tutorial for beginners on NCM command scripts?  I would like to learn how to do "if/elseif" statements in a script so if node name = XXX then run (commands 123) else if node name =YYY then run (commands 456) else if node name =ZZZ then run (commands 789).

  • Has there ever been a request you've heard of, for a script to bounce different Cisco switch ports on different switches and be able to run that on a schedule?  Not even sure where to begin.  Don't know if I should be doing that as a Config Change Template or a script in Script Management.  HELP???

  • Hi All,

    In case someone was curious I was not able to find a solution to do if/else statements for a script so I went ahead and created 6 scripts one for each node and have them running on a nightly schedule.  It's sloppier than having 1 script to do the 6 nodes but it got us what we needed for the time being.  If anyone happens to come across this and has a viable solution to run a script against different nodes using if/else statements to match node name, please feel free to let me know.

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