SolarWinds Dev-Assisted Upgrades Time!

Hey everyone, it is that time again! We are looking for customers, like yourself, who are interested in participating in our next round of Release Candidate (RC) Dev-Assisted upgrades!

There are some key things to know before signing up:

  • It’s FREE (only for active maintenance customers)
  • If accepted, you and your team will be upgrading to available Release Candidates with a team of SolarWinds experts watching closely and ready to step in if anything goes wrong.
  • We are happy and able to address any questions before and after the upgrade.
  • You get THWACK points!

This is a time sensitive window and we have limited availability. If you are interested in participating sign up as soon as possible.

If you are interested and want to see if you qualify for the Dev-Assisted Upgrades, fill out this quick survey.