SCP Transfers and slow speeds - HPN-SSH

They don't have a forum for free products like the SCP server, so I thought the NCM forum would be the most appropriate place for this, since SCP is kind of NCM-adjacent...

I've been reading up on why SCP on faster networks seems so slow, and it appears that most folks have tracked it down to the underlying SSH protocol and "statically defined internal flow control buffers" and that for the most part, no tweaking that you do will make a significant impact unless that underlying SSH protocol is rewritten to accommodate larger or dynamic buffers.

Luckily, it looks as if someone has done this and are getting great results.   Like up to 1000% speed improvements in ideal conditions.   1 Gigabit speeds on 1 Gigabit networks.   It kind of hints that unpatched systems benefit from working with a patched system, but its unclear if that's strictly for uploading to the patched system, or if it will speed things up for downloads from a patched system too, like to a Cisco router or switch for instance.   The good news is, that Cisco is helping to fund this project, which I would think would increase the chances that they incorporate these changes into their products.

So, I'm curious, has anyone tried it?   

Thinking about firing up a VM to work on incorporating this and wondering if anyone knows if its worth my time.   Would be great if Solarwinds was to incorporate this, if not into their free SCP server, but into maybe a not-too-expensive commercial product?