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I am new in regards to configuring Solarwinds & NCM and I am having difficulties trying to get the Nodes we are polling to display their current software version.

I apologize if I chose the wrong location to post this at.


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  • On the Cisco devices I think they pull that from OID, your devices might put it somewhere else, but its worth looking. 

    Do a SNMP Walk and see where that data lives. Orion includes a tool to do it at: 

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SnmpWalk.exe"

    Put in your SNMP config and it will pull everything that is available for Orion to read and saves it to a text file. You can also use the MIB browser on the node details page to see what Orion sees, but I prefer to dump it to text. 

    Either your device isn't sharing much information (maybe call the vendor to see if it can be increased) or Orion needs to have a poller assigned to interpret it, people on thwack have saved and shared a bunch so I have only needed to make a few, but this course tells you how:

    And its much better than I could explain it. 

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