Override page nodes restriction for a widget

I have a page view (dashboard) that has a page limitation to a single node group.

Of cause when I add widgets to this page I only see information about those nodes. This is fine, and is as desired.

Now I would like to add the "Overall Devices Backed Up vs. Not Backed Up" widget to this page, but somehow override the page restriction, such that the widget reports on all nodes in the system.

Is it possible (with some SWQL) to "undo" the page node restriction for this widget only?

  • I don't think you can override the view limitation on a widget but you might be able to get around the view limitation by adding a custom query or report with a SWQL query that shows the same information (will be a table instead of a pie chart).

    Edit: had a thought that the view limitation would override the custom query - did a quick test and the above didn't work. The only other thing that comes to mind is getting the URL to the resource you want (e.g. click the name of the resource and it will open in a new tab with a URL like http://SERVERNAME/Orion/DetachResource.aspx?ResourceID=264 ) and then embedding that in a custom HTML widget.

  • It would be nice to know the WHERE clause they use for node restriction. Than we could augment the selection on the widget by saying something like  <fieldname> IS NOT NULL or similar broad selection criteria...