NCM generating change reports on sonicwall daily when no change occurs?

I added a few of our Sonicwall Firewalls (2 NSAs and 1 TZ500) to NCM a while back to track configuration changes.

I have NCM set to check the configs every night at 2 AM on all network devices, and generate a report if there is any change from previous, per the default action.

However, NCM is generating change reports EVERY day for the sonicwalls, even when nothing is changed. So I'm getting 21 reports a week from just these 3 devices, when nothing happens to them.

I created "ignore" entries in the comparison list for several lines, but even with those ignored, it's generating a report every day. But when you view the report, there are no changed lines.

We have over a dozen dell switches and some cisco routers that are also in NCM, and they only generate a report if there is a change in config. Like they should.
Why are the sonicwalls being reported every single day?