Dealing with special symbols in NCM Config Change Templates

Hi all,

I'm having an issue creating a config change template that includes @ symbols and other special symbols such as the / slash.  I have a Cisco router config that validates, but when I add the variables and run it, I get the following error when opening "show commands in new window".

Error:Variable @Lo0IP/32 could not be matched. Possible causes of this are:

1) It has not been declared.

2) You are referencing an entity property which does not exist.

3) You are missing a closing bracket in a prior native block.

The @Lo0IP is a variable for our Loopback IP address but the /32 isn't a part of the variable, it's just the CIDR for the prefix-list statement that would normally look like  I've added the @Lo0IP as a variable and also added the string before the CLI statements.



        Loopback0 IP Address

script ATCBranchGREConfigTemplate (

                                           NCM.Nodes @ContextNode,

                       string @Hostname,

                                           string @Lo0IP,

                                           string @PortCHDesc,




    configure terminal


ip prefix-list EIGRP_LEAK_pfx seq 5 permit @Lo0IP/32

I saw the thread about creating a string for the / slash and then calling that string in its place in the CLI piece, but I kept getting syntax errors.  Any ideas would be appreciated!