I get locked out of my Active Directory account because Orion is storing old password

I don't have full access to everything in Orion so I get prompted for a username and password when I go into the System Configuration tab. When I enter my username and password it gives me an error message. "The specifed credentials are invalid. Please specify a valid Orion NCM user and password"

I have access to other tabs but not the configs tab.

When I have to change my AD password and then open Orion my AD password gets locked out. I suppose because the old password is still in the configs tab.  If I try to clear the username and password in the configs tab it won't let me. error: The Orion server cannot access the SolarWinds Information Service. The exact error was 'The username cannot be empty.'

I can put the new password in everytime my AD password changes but since I don't have access to configs tab anyway it just seems annoying.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

  • If you want to clear the username and password out and have access to SQL, you can use:

      FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[WebUserSettings]
      where AccountID = 'Domain\User' and SettingName like 'Cirrus%'

    To get it to stop doing that for me, I created a application user and put that in for the username and password.  It doesn't expire... not a great way to do it, but till they get the NCM/Orion integration tighter, that's what I have to do.

  • Old post which has more than likely been resolved. Either way, this is my story!!!

    So... Solarwinds support (FACE PALM) emoticons_angry.png was no help. However, I had the same issue and my AD Admin account was locking out within seconds. I had to troubleshoot this with AD tools to first pinpoint the machine/server in questions. I then disabled all Solarwinds services and started them one by one trying a process of elimination. Finally, I created a service account to log in to the server and re-poll with instead of my AD Admin account.

    If you've looked at all of the above you more than likely had nodes added that were being polled with your AD credentials. You can actually see how many nodes are assigned to specific credentials in the Orion GUI > Settings > Credentials > Manage Windows Credentials. Unfortunately it only gives you a count and not which devices as of version 2014.1.0 (Orion). I then went to my Windows nodes, Orion GUI > Settings > Node & Group Management > Manage Nodes > Windows, to mass updated the polling credentials. This resolved my issue that perplexed me for a few days...

    Hope this helps someone else out there!!! emoticons_cool.png