NCM - Exclude devices from the Running vs Start Up comparison?


Hello!  I managed to add multiple Ayava devices to our config backup job, and it works great.  However, the Avaya's don't have a so called "Startup" configuration.  Is there a way for me to manaully set certain devices to be excluded from the comparison that is done daily?    The team here knows there is nothing we can do to "make" a startup config on these boxes and are just thrilled that after creating the NCM template we can now download configs, we just don't want them in the comparison bucket, so to speak.  Thanks in advance for any replies.


  • If you are talking about the chart that compares startup to running, I would expect you can modify the template for the command used to download the startup config.  Just make it match how the running is downloaded.  This is more of a work around than a solution because you would then have 2 configs that are aquired in the same manner per device, but this would only apply to the devices that match the template for the specified Avaya devices.

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    This is why I would like to be able to "comment" them out as opposed to having to do that...

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