Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

As a part of the effort to make the EoL/EoS feature (available with NCM 7.2) as useful as possible, we would like to ask you to report any devices where our data is missing, incorrect, or the suggestions are misleading. We will do our best to incorporate your feedback into NCM.

Note: If applicable please provide the EoL/EoS in the following form:

Device Type, System description, end-of-sale date, end-of-support date, Vendor EOL statement URL



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  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for the information. We definitely plan to introduce crowd-sourcing for missing EoL data.

    System OID is the ideal matching information we would love to have. Unfortunately, vendors do not publish their EoL announcement with this info. That's the root cause of all difficulties with EoL/EoS.



  • There is always that manual element, it would be possible to crowd source the linking of OIDs to model numbers, it's already done in part with the machine type. However this often does not include the model number. In the announcements Cisco at least do include the full model number, so matching it together should be easy.