Daily Configuration changes showing certificate changes

On my daily configuration report I get TONS of changes because of certificates like below.


I have seen other threads saying to add the following in the comparison criteria.

Ignoring hex data

^[ \t\r\n\v\f]*[A-Fa-f0-9][A-Fa-f0-9][A-Fa-f0-9][A-Fa-f0-9][A-Fa-f0-9][A-Fa-f0-9][A-Fa-f0-9][A-Fa-f0-9]

Ignoring Certificate

^[ \t\r\n\v\f]*certificate[ \t\r\n\v\f]*self-signed

Ignoring quit word line


I also found this article Conflict: Running configs and startup configs do not match - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support  that says to remove the ^ in front of the above commands.

I have both of these in place but it still shows up in NCM as changes. Below are the rules I have in place. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?


Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Did anybody figure this out?

    Since it already appears to be ignoring the hex cert contents lines ok, I thought I'd just add the following exemption:


    That should ignore the nvram file reference at the end of the certificate line, right?

    But, it's not working... these two lines still show up as different (note: a lot of hex lines in running and not in startup, so line numbers quite a bit different):

    345 certificate ca 01

    168 certificate ca 01 nvram:CiscoLicensi#1CA.cer

    This one's gnawing at me because I write a lot of regex... regex testers say it's a match... what am I missing?

    Thanks - Al