NCM Ignore Extra Lines In Baseline Check

It there a way to tell NCM Baselines to only check for specific lines and ignore ALL others. I want to to setup a baseline that contains lines that should be on all network devices regardless where the lines are in the running-config.

If a device has EXTRA lines I do not want the baseline to fail.

For example:

My SNMP Baseline:

snmp-server community "xxxxxxxxxxxx" operator unrestricted

snmp-server community "xxxxxxxxxxxx" operator

snmp-server host xxxxxxxxxxxx community "xxxxxxxxxxxx" trap-level critical

snmp-server mib hpSwitchAuthMIB excluded

snmp-server contact "xxxxxxxxxxxx" location "Test Location"

This baseline fails because network switches sometimes contain between the above lines:

no snmp-server enable traps link-change x-xx

I could setup a regex to ignore this line but I would have to do that for every line that COULD exist.

My Idea of a baseline is a stripped down running-config that contains lines every switch on my network is expected to have.

I dont care if a switches has extra lines since they are most likely specific to that one single device.

Finally I want to check that all devices have the following config:

snmp-server contact "xxxxxxxxxxxx" 

my switches contain:

snmp-server contact "xxxxxxxxxxxx" location "Test Location"

Can I use regex to ignore:location "Test Location"  but still check for snmp-server contact "xxxxxxxxxxxx" they are both on the same line in the running-config.