is there a script to update interface descriptions across network after a hostname change?

I was assigned a task to update hostnames on devices that are not following the standard naming convention we have.

The problem I want to solve is also find & update the hostnames referenced in interface descriptions across the network devices at the same time to the NEW name I changed, as if I do not, they will still reference the old name which may cause confusion later on. Otherwise the change will be extremely daunting and prone to error by just searching ncm which is slow and logging into each device etc.


Changing a hostname from Switch1 to newswitch1

Switch2 through Switch5 all still reference "Switch1" instead of the "newswitch1" in their interface descriptions that connect to said device.

There has to be a way to kind of automate this part. I was thinking something of a find/replace type of function if that is possible. Some of these devices are referenced in like 10 other routers or switches making the change much more difficult to organize and ensure everything is covered or changed correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.