NCM - Upload config to a group


I am trying to do something really simple but I can't figure it out in Solarwinds - my platform is Solarwinds orion platform 2017.3.3 SP3, NCM 7.7

I am trying to create a group and then add nodes in that group, then im trying to push some config changes to the new group.

I created a group in : My Dahsboard/Network/Groups/
But i cant find this group when i go to Config Management to upload the config.

I also created a group in : Settings/All Settings/Manage custom properties - over here i add a new group and then select the above created groups from the list.

Now in configuation management i cant see neither of the groups in "group by" section.

All i want to do is select the group and upload config to it ather than selecting multiple individual nodes to upload the config to.

I have read the following guides to create the group but i dont know why i cant find this group in config manangement "group by" drop down section.

Create groups


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