Device Template for Alcatel AOS Switches- (Banner/Config/User Data)

Most of the time when we are looking for config backup, it would be just the config itself and the method is quite straight forward. I do see some of the device template for Alcatel as well but is just config and do not includes banner and user data. Due to the way Alcatel works is slightly different compare to other switches in the market, we would required to backup the Banner, Config and User data as well. Banner is in txt format, User data is a binary file and all the 3 files are in different path. Hence we figured out we can use downloadindirectSCP/uploadindirectSCP to backup/upload all this 3 files and it works for my environment

Sharing here for those need it as well  

*PS, we tested firmware upgrade for Alcatel as well and it works even though is not supported out of the box 

Alcatel AOS Switches Modified-