NCM config management and job variables not being honored.

I've come across a condition that seems to of been discussed in prior releases of NCM but this one is particularly frustrating.
I'm trying to send a simple script to ISR 4451's(ios-xe) and the commands consist of [confirm] statements that typically a carriage return or line return would take care of.

The script that started this issue was a simple execution of the command "clear IP traffic"


clear ip traffic



(<hostname>#clear ip traffic

Clear "show ip traffic" counters [confirm])................

and that's where it dies. NCM has no other issues with other scripts on these devices, connection profiles are solid and ISE is not having command authorization issues.
To also validate this condition, I've tried another command that also requires the "confirm" condition such as "clear counters lo0" and it's the same situation. Solarwinds is logging in with no issues and then it just hangs on what I think is the EchoBuffer based on some NCM ssh trace logs, Eventually timing out and returning a connection refused and never sending a carriage return or line feed to confirm and execute the command.

Anyone else found a workout to this. I've tried every trick in the book like sending another frivolous command afterward but to no avail. Platform 2018.2 HF6, NCM 7.8, CloudMonitoring 2.0.1, NPM 12.3, NetPath 1.1.3